Mansformation Workshops

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We have been running mansformation workshops for 3 years now

Our ‘Mansformation’ workshops are built to teach wanna-be kings the principles and basics from which we have crafted our practise as Drag artists so that participants can then start along their own drag-king path.

An average workshop is around 3 hours long, focussing on walking the walk, talking the talk, finding your man and starting to think about acts as well as guides and tips on face, contouring, binding and costume.

Our workshops are for anyone who wants to try out drag for whatever reason, there is no pressure to perform or go on to perform. We can also run ‘advanced’ workshops for those who are seasoned performers, whether that be actors, cabaret or otherwise.

In 2018 we also ran our first Drag Camp in association with Brainchild Festival, a 6 week initiative to really develop and craft a cohort of blossoming kings who had a showcase at The Glory, many of whom are now out in the cabaret world performing.

We have hosted our workshops at a number of venues including: Platform Southwark, Brainchild Festival, Arcola Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East and Omnibus Clapham.

If you’d like us to host a workshop, get in touch!