SEX SEX MEN MEN ran at The Yard theatre 26th Feb - 16th March 2019,

SSMM is a tender and dangerous theatrical cabaret about the relationship between masculinity & sexuality, using drag king personae to unpack how men express desire. This show is a move away from our conventional smorgasbord cabaret style, will push boundaries and take our audiences to new tender places.

SSMM was originally developed with The Yard theatre, being given a seed commission and previewed at their Live Drafts in September 2018, supported by Arts Council England. Following this, Pecs have recieved a full commission to bring SSMM to The Yard as part of their core programme for 2019.

This is a show about desire.
About that smoulder in your eyes that makes us melt.
A show about the electricity when you brush hands,
press flesh,
bruise skin.
It’s about power.
About exchanging tongues, breaths, moans.
About sensuality.
And the way we make you quiver with pleasure.
Arch your back.
And take you to the edge.

The clue is in the title.