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The Gender-Bending Art Form Taking London by Storm

BY ELEANOR ROSS | Backstage Mag

We were featured in this article at about why Drag kings are owning Christmas

The London drag kings giving 'a middle finger to the gender binary'

BY ZOE PASKETT | Evening Standard

“It's a space to be silly. It's empowering. It's liberating. It's f***ing sexy."

Read our feature in the Evening Standard

Swagger, sex appeal and loadsa' LOLs

By Joanna Whitehead | Diva

“With a smile on my face from beginning to end, the Kings’ proved to be the perfect tonic for my fragile body and mind. A sensational night.”

DIVA loved The 80’s Show!

Pecs: The 80s Show Review 5*

By Tasmine Airey | Spyinthestalls

“To be daring in Soho is certainly not an easy feat, but Pecs manages to bring something new and different to an inundated fringe market.”

Review of Pecs Drag Kings at Soho Theatre London 5*

BY Terry Eastham | Londontheatre1

“A fantastic show, brilliantly performed and if you don’t walk back out into Soho with a smile on your face, a song on your lips and some quite intense thoughts in your mind, I will be really surprised.”

Pecs Drag Kings at Soho Theatre 5*

By Rachel King | Theatre Bubble

“It’s smart and subversive but also sexy and fun. It changes your perspective whether you understand every nuance and reference or not.”

Meeting London's Drag Kings

By Frankie Mullin | VICE

“Drag gives me access to a power I hadn't felt before.”

What does it take to become a drag king?

BY Amy White | Timeout

“It’s the golden age of the drag king”