our quest to the finesT beards and the mightiest muscle... 

Do you believe artists should be paid for their work, even when it’s not at the O2?

Do you think drag kinging has as much cultural potential as queening and none of the funding?

Do you believe the battle for true gender equality is happening not just in the houses of parliament but in the pubs, clubs, theatres, streets and skulls of our nation, and you want to join the frontline, opening minds and smashing kyriarchy at the right hand of your handsome brothers-in-arms?

Then consider supporting Pecs. Our shows are all about freedom, joy, gender expression and sexual exploration. We celebrate and empower people who are rarely represented in mainstream theatre spaces, specifically marginalised people within the LGBTQIA* community. We push the boundaries between cabaret and theatre, break down the gender binary and challenge the patriarchy with fun, engaging content and high production values.

But without money to pay our performers, we can't go on sharing their talent with the world. Any support is always deeply appreciated, and it really is a case of every little helps. Whether it’s a share on twitter or a gift of £5, £50 or £500, our boys will take anything you can give with strong and loving arms. Your donations will help to build a foundation for the future life of Pecs as a professional company.

Support Pecs

You can also contact us to discuss bespoke ways of supporting Pecs Drag Kings. We want you to join us on our mission in a way that is tailored to you.