The Boys

Take a gander at our brilliant Kings and the geniuses behind them.


Cesar Jentley

Cesar Jentley was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC. He gained profit and reputation from organized street fighting, and at the age of twenty-four he was stabbed and nearly lost his life, luckily being found bleeding on the 96th Street pavement by a woman in a passing taxi who stopped to pick him up. The woman, Celine Lowenthal, had been on her way to Broadway to hold auditions for the role of host in her up and coming Cabaret show, Pecs. 

These days Cesar lives between Williamsburg, NYC and London, England. He only goes back to Harlem for his mother’s cooking and his little sister’s attitude problem.


Kit Griffiths is a Welsh born, Cambridge educated, London based actor and writer. All of her current and previous projects can be found at

Kit’s drag aesthetic is that of the ‘femme-pretender’ – with long hair and painted beard, not attempting to pass as biologically male – yet her emotional male has been a significant part of her life and personality for twenty years, man enough to confuse straight ladies and gay men alike.



Drag King Cole

Tyrell Williams, better known as 'Drag King Cole', is a singer, songwriter and producer from Chicago, Illinois. When he's not performing, Tyrell can be found working in the studio, rolling with his boys or chilling at home with his dog, Killer.


Temi Wilkey is an actor, theatre maker and drag king from North London. She studied English at Clare College, Cambridge before training with the National Youth Theatre REP company in 2014. Her theatre credits include How to Hold Your Breath at the Royal Court, The Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre and she has recently finished a year-long contract with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she performed in both Hamlet and Cymbeline.

She is one of Pecs' founding members and runs the outfit with her co-creative and friend, Celine Lowenthal. When she's not writing peppy press releases for Pecs, Temi enjoys singing the blues, busting a move and straddling the gender binary in a warm spotlight and a suit and tie.


Scott Free

Scott Free is a scruffy poser. You'll probably catch him swaggering down Shoreditch High Street, whistling a nonchalant tune. But that cocky exterior can often give way to a sensitive gooey centre and, if he trusts you, he might even let you ruffle his hair. In his spare time, Scott enjoys baking ginger-bread men and dreaming of being a rock star.


Rosie Potts is a London based Literature graduate who has spent the last year working as a learning disability support worker, coordinating a campaigning project for Mencap and volunteering in community mental health settings. She is interested in mental health and neurodiversity, campaigns that combat stigma and new ideas for how to create awesome mental health care in different cultural contexts. She’s also into Almodóvar films, set design, queer performance and documentary film making. Oh, and she is still striving to create the perfect sock penis. One day…



Thrustin Limbersnake

Thrustin Limbersnake's sexy smoulder and smooth moves will leave you screaming for more. Whether you want to get your body rocked harder than ever before or you're a sexy señorita that's in need of night of romance, Thrustin' is sure to sweep you off your feet. Take our word for it, his sweaty brow and thrustin' dance breaks are sure to make you swoon.


Lauren Steele is a committed social activist and campaigner, working in community development with the charity Mind in Cambridgeshire for the past couple of years and about to take up a new role with the national mental health campaigning organisation Time to Change. As a passionate intersectional feminist, Lauren previously held the position of full-time Sabbatical Women’s Officer in Cambridge University Student’s Union in the midst of her Education with English and Drama studies and time spent performing and directing theatre. In her spare time she enjoys a proper good boogie and snuggling her gorgeous bunnies. 


Loose Willis

Loose Willis: electrifying performer, hilarious raconteur, erotic enigma and currently residing in his car. When not doing questionable things for money, Loose enjoys meeting his fans, hiding from his debt collectors and nachos.


Katy Bulmer has performed stand up and improvised comedy for many years. She is Footlights alumni and has been shortlisted in both the BBC Comedy and Laughing Horse New Act of the Year competitions. She's quite shy out of drag, you probably won't recognise her.


Izzy Aman

Ishmael (Izzy) Aman is a lone wolf, a wanderer, a lover. His passions include women, wine, men, fine literature and real good lovin’. He spends his days staring, pensively, into the middle distance. Many desire him, none can tie him down.


Isabel Adomakoh-Young is a performer, intersectional feminist activist, and writer; she trained as an actor at IDSA & NYT, and performs with companies Shotgun Carousel and Pecs Drag Kings. In 2017, on completing Talawa Theatre Co's TYPT programme for emerging talent, she signed with agent Conway van Gelder Grant. She's written for national media about race and gender, and is a founding Director of Brainchild Festival (AIM Best Independent Festival 2015& 2016); she also spoke at the Women's March London as ambassador for the 50:50 Parliament campaign, and contributed an essay to Virago's I Call Myself a Feminist anthology in 2015. A graduate in English from Trinity College, Cambridge, she acted in 8 student productions there, including a musical comedy she co-wrote. Her bestselling children’s books the Lionboy trilogy (co-written with her mum), toured the world as a stage show by Complicite.


Victor Victorious

Victor; a sensitive artistic type from Toulouse, trained in classical ballet at the Bolshoi academy before moving to London to pursue a career in contemporary dance. He enjoys lounging with his pet Chihuahua and smoking Gauloises between shifts at an artisan coffee boutique.


Victoria Aubrey is a history graduate of Clare College, Cambridge and now a freelance costume designer. Her favourite pastimes include performing contortion and trapeze whilst wearing glitter, performing burlesque whilst wearing glitter, dancing whilst wearing glitter and combining fashion and gender in her academic studies.


Mr Goldenballs

Mr. Goldenballs, as he prefers to be called, is a highflying, ball-busting, womanizing city boy who likes to spice things up in the office with a little strip tease after his first coffee of the morning. Banker come strip artist by day, by night Mr. Goldenballs is a regular on the street boxing circuit, packing a mighty fine punch under the guise of his every so sexy alter ego, the Latino lover El Matadorrrr.


Helena is currently becoming an anthropologist at the University of Cambridge and next year she will begin a PhD in Anthropology at University College London. She is active on the Parisian drag king scene, and has performed in the burlesque-cabaret soirées “Drag My King”, “Délires Burlesques” and “Amour, Drag and Rock n’Roll”. She is interested in marginal masculinities, semiotic ideologies and French women. She also enjoys indulging in unseemly language, public nudity and other un-ladylike practices. 


John Travulva

John Travulva is the queer Glaswegian comic of your dreams.  He fled the toxic masculinity of his small-town, rural beginnings to don boots, braces and a microphone in the peace of the big city, and he’s never looked back.  He’s here to be quietly macho, discuss injustice, and to respect the hell out of you. 


Jodie Mitchell is an exposure-loving stand-up comedian, and is currently working on being a ‘blindingly obvious comedic talent’ (The Skinny) via as many platforms as possible.  You can catch her being funny and radical with her queer stand-up comedy collective The Lol Word, or her sketch-duo Heavy on the Breasts, where the main performance principles are a) surrealism and b) feminism.   She’s the resident compere of hit alternative comedy cabaret Late Night, a recent alumna of 28-year running Edinburgh Fringe veteran improvisational comedy troupe The Improverts, and occasionally avoids the stage-light as the Director of Programming for Bedlam Theatre. 

Johnny Gash

Johnny Gash wants nothing more than to sit in some dark bar with a blues band, singing songs to ease your pain, and his. Hailing from the swamps of Louisiana, he found life in the rhythm and blues of New Orleans. He now lives alone in a cabin in the woods where he contemplates life with a whisky and an open door.


Fiona Shaw is a doctor currently practicing in Manchester. She is relatively new to the stage but feels she has found her calling in drag. The quality of her contralto voice perfectly suits the deep, resonant demands of songs traditionally written for men. In her free time, she enjoys spending time on the sofa with books, family and friends.