Cesar's Love Note


Resident Lothario Cesar Jently has written a love note to ticket holders for The 80's Show...

Dear you,

I write having just smoked the last of my cigars, possibly my last cigar ever. The rest of the boys are making preparations for you, too – John Travulva is lowering the hem on his kilt to preserve his humongous modesty on stage, Drag King Cole is having his entire apartment floor converted into a mattress, Thrustin Limbersnake is lying on his front with two masseuses standing on his back and Loose Willis is on a 10K cross-country jazzercise as we speak. I hope you don’t mind me saying ‘as we speak’ – I say it because I can sense your response, in an edging towards me, an inching, an itching, a sexy-as-fuck all-over shiver in the direction of December 4th, when my mouth will be all yours. I hope you’ve got your ticket.

Until then,

Cesar. X