The Collective

Pecs is an ever-growing collective of female actors, comedians, singers and dancers, who love nothing more than to put on handsome drag shows for the queer and curious of London Town.


The company was formed in August 2013, at a rowdy party in Clapham, via multiple gin-and-tonics, lots of shouting about gender, and a serious amount of serious dancing. 

Since then, we’ve built up a small but dedicated following, charming our way through London’s cabaret scene, leaving a trail of delicious cologne in our wake. We’ve given sell-out performances at such (dis-)reputable venues as Tate Britain, Southbank Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, The Yard, London & Brighton Prides, Brainchild Festival, The Glory and as part of Bar Wotever at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and we were shortlisted for a Lyric Hammersmith residency in 2014. 


Our shows explore the performativity of gender. We unleash our inner masculinity and undermine the patriarchy through our particular brand of searing satire and down right silliness.

We believe that the best political commentary is hysterically funny, and that drag can be both a serious form of protest and the greatest form of entertainment.


A hilarious and often poignant romp through the myriad forms of male gender performativity
— Varsity